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What happen ?


With my girlfriend outsiding at our garden

Let do it...

All of my friends

Have a party together



My favorite pattern

Happy Birthday


Low time ago 



Like me ?

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let go ! Have a Fun !

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Let go !


I'm shiny

Have present for you > Hope you will like..

Can you accept me ?



My girlfriend

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Minnie Mouse girlfriend of Mickey Mouse

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Biography for
Minnie Mouse (Character)
from Steamboat Willie (1928)
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Warning! This character biography may contain plot spoilers.
Visit our Character Biography Help to learn more.
Miinie Mouse is a Disney cartoon character. She is the queen of the Disney universe, wife of Mickey Mouse,and aunt of Mortie and Ferdy.

She first appeared in "Plane Crazy", becoming a regular in the cast of original Disney characters.

Most cartoons deal with Mickey doing something embarassing that cuaes Minnie to get angry at him. This is similar to what happens with Daisy and Donald Duck, only Mickey actually tries to apologize and right whatever wrong he did, unlike Donald.

She is Daisy Duck's best friend. She speaks with a feminine version of Mickey's voice.

She appears in the final scene at Marvin Acme's factory in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".

In "House of Mouse", she helps Mickey run the nightclub.

She appears in all three "Kingdom Hearts" videogames as Queen of Disney Castle. There, she posses most of the magical powers usually associated with Mickey.
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Mickey Mouse Biography

Mickey Mouse first made his debut in 1928.
Courtesy of Disney
Mickey Mouse whistled but didn't talk in Steamboat Willie.
Courtesy of Disney

Mickey Mouse is one of the world's oldest and most famous vermin in the world - rubbing shoulders with everyone from Goofy to Britney Spears. So what makes this rambunctious rodent tick? We're taking a look at the history of Mickey Mouse. Why? Because we love him!

Of Mice and Men

Mickey Mouse was created to replace an earlier Disney character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who bore a striking resemblance to early Mickey drawings. Mickey's creator, Ub Iwerks, came up with a lot of characters on his way to creating Mickey, including frogs, dogs, horses, cows and cats. Irwerks said he was inspired to create a mouse that had the spirit of Charlie Chaplin. Mickey made his first appearance in the cartoon Plane Crazy in 1928.

Sounds of Silence

Mickey originally appeared in silent cartoons, but by the end of 1928 he appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie, which featured synchronized music and sound. Streamboat Willie acutally found a distributer before Plane Crazy did, so it's often considered Mickey's true "debut." Mickey whistled and made other noises in the short but didn't actually speak until 1929. Walt Disney himself voiced Mickey - his first line was "Hot dogs, hot dogs!" Most other film studios at the time were still producing silent cartoons, so Disney took the lead and never looked back.

Evolution of the Mouse

Mickey continued to grow and evolve throughout the 20th century, moving into comic strips, feature films, video games, theme parks and a ton of games and toys. He first appeared in color in 1935, in the cartoon called "The Band Concert". He got his now-standard gloves in the 1929 short The Opry House. Mickey's appearance changed steadily from his creation onwards. What is often considered the "classic version" of Mickey is the one that was designed by Floyd Gottfredson. The most popular version, however, is the Mickey created by Italian illustrator Romano Scarpa.

Did U Know?

    Mickey has been voiced by Walt Disney, Jim MacDonald and Wayne Allwine, who voices Mickey to this day.
    Walt Disney was given a special Oscar in 1932 for the creation of Mickey Mouse.
    Mickey appeared along rival Looney Tunes characters in the film Who Framed Roger Rabit.
    Mickey was inducted into the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1934.

Mickey Mouse Says...

"Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes."

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Biodata Mickey Mouse

Belajar Sejarah dari Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse dapat mengajarkan sesuatu pada kita. Pada kelas Disney in America, mahasiswa Iowa State University diajak mencari tahu bagaimana perusahaan Walt Disney mempengaruhi ideologi budaya di Amerika. Kelas ini akan mengupas habis bagaimana kiprah korporasi tersebut sejak 1920 hingga masa kini. Mata kuliah ini bahkan mengekspos kontribusi Hollywood pada momen penting dalam sejarah Amerika, seperti resesi ekonomi (great depression), perang dunia II, serta melonjaknya jumlah gelandangan dan ... Mouse dapat mengajarkan sesuatu pada kita. Pada kelas Disney in America, mahasiswa Iowa State University diajak mencari tahu bagaimana perusahaan Walt Disney mempengaruhi ideologi budaya di Amerika. Kelas ini akan mengupas habis bagaimana kiprah korporasi tersebut sejak 1920 hingga masa kini. Mata kuliah ini bahkan mengekspos kontribusi Hollywood pada momen penting dalam sejarah Amerika, seperti resesi ekonomi (great depression), perang dunia II, serta melonjaknya jumlah gelandangan dan pengemi ...
MAHASISWA di Amerika Serikat (AS), bisa memilih berbagai mata kuliah unik tentang penyanyi, hingga film. Perkembangan fenomena sosial yang tengah di masyarakat biasanya melatarbelakangi kehadiran mata kuliah-mata kuliah tersebut. Booming film zombie misalnya, mendorong Columbia College membuka kelas tentang mayat hidup tersebut. Film lainnya yang dijadikan materi perkuliahan adalah Harry Potter. Kali ini, mahasiswa di Appalachian State University yang mempelajari kehidupan penyihir dari sekolah Hogwarts itu. Dari dunia tarik suara, kehidupan Lady Gaga dikupas habis pada salah satu mata kuliah di University of South Carolina. Penyanyi lainnya yang juga dijadikan fokus pelajaran di berbagai kampus di antaranya Beyonce, dan Jay-Z. Berbagai mata kuliah unik ini menunjukkan kreativitas para dosen dalam menerjemahkan fenomena sosial ke dalam pembahasan akademik yang menarik. College Times, Selasa (21/2/2012), melansir daftar berisi 15 mata kuliah paling keren yang sedang hip di Negeri Paman Sam tersebut. Berikut bagian keduanya. 1. White-Collar and Corporate Crime (University of California) .Selain para narapidana, civitas academica di departemen Ekologi Budaya University of Carolina adalah pakar dalam bidang kejahatan kerah putih. Salah satu mata kuliah mereka, White-Collar and Corporate Crime, membedah motif para tersangka sambil mempelajari aktivitas kriminal di antara beragam profesi, organisasi, dan bisnis kelas atas. Di kelas ini, kamu akan belajar lagi banyak.
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The Authorized Biography Of The Real Mickey Mouse

 By Robert Laurence

    Mirabile dictu! – he’ll be 82 this year (2006), a star who surely ranks with Chaplin in stature and in influence, among the greatest entertainers of this or any other century. Yet no biography has ever been written of the most popular performer in all history, doubtless the most famous of all animals endowed with human characteristics. Certainly “Mouse, Mickey,” as one scholarly index lists him, deserves space somewhere, so at the risk of being called misanthropic, let’s forget Princesses and Presidents for the nonce and forthwith embark on the first biography of a mouse – there have surely been biographies (recent ones, too) penned of far less appealing creatures.

    To begin with, all scholars should know that Mickey was a real mouse. For the sake of convenience we’ll call our Mouse “him,” though the original may just as well have been a Ms. as a Mister. Mickey Mouse (b.l924) came into this world somewhere within the musty, malodorous cobwebbed walls of the garage that served as Walt Disney’s Laugh O’Gram studio in Kansas City, Missouri. The ur-material is scarce, but he appears to have come from a family of ten, though no accurate biography of his immediate ancestors is available. Yet to those cynics who question his reality, we submit abundant testimony that our hero (at first christened Mortimer) did indeed exist. Disney’s daughter confirms this: “Several stories have been told about Father’s having had a mouse who lived on his desk during his early days in Kansas City,” she testifies. “The thought back of this tale is that the mouse had given Father a special fondness for mice. ‘Unlike most of the stories that have been printed,’ Father told me,’ that one is true . . . Mice gathered in my wastebasket when I worked late at night. I lifted them out and kept them in little cages on my desk. One of them was my particular friend. Then before I left Kansas City I carefully carried him out into a field and let him go.”

    Another Disney biographer informs us that he let his mouse go in an empty lot, exactly where in K.C. still remaining something of a mystery: “Nine mice skittered off into the weeds, but the tenth stayed put. It was Mortimer, watching him with bright eyes. Walt stamped his feet and shouted. The mouse took fright and ran. ‘I walked away,’ Walt would later recall, ‘feeling such a cur.’”

    Other sources go as far as to say that Mortimer even “trespassed on his master’s drawing board, cleaning his whiskers with unconcern or hitching up his imaginary trousers;” that he plagued the other cartoonists to the extent of gnawing their pencils and erasers; that Walt often brought two lunches to the office, one for himself and the other for his pet – at a time when the artist more than once actually had to scrounge stale bread for his super. There is even a tale that Disney forbade his employers to set traps for any marauding mice, keeping his favorite Mortimer in an inverted wire basket during the day and letting him romp free with his friends at night. Here we have the familiar story of the neglected artist in his garret, the variation being that this artist starved with a pet mouse who was to become the inspiration for his greatest creation. “Other people would leave lunch scraps in the wastebaskets,” Disney later recalled in referring to his Mouse. “What I didn’t eat the mice came around to eat. One (Mortimer) was bolder than the rest. There was a shelf above my drawing board and he wouldn’t move off it.”

    There we have all the hard-core facts of our Mouse’s real life before Disney left K.C. for Hollywood with just 40 bucks in his pocket. But we can speculate that Mortimer was about six months of age when Walt let him go free in that empty lot, and judging by the l ½ year lifespan of micekind, lived until August l925 – unless famine, feline or other bad fortune befell him. He could have had as few as nine brothers and sisters, but then again the common house mouse bears 5-8 litters a year, so the family was doubtless larger, say 50 sibling rivals. As for his vital statistics, Mortimer probably measured a little smaller than the average Mus musculus at 2 ½-3 inches in length. His heart, however, though weighing only about the usual 1.15 grams, was infinitely larger in the way of soul, having inspired Disney to the greatness he achieved.
    No one had ever created a Mouse anything like Disney’s. The idea came almost five years after he let Mortimer go – to be exact, as biographers must in monumental works, on the evening of March l6, l928, aboard a train carrying the cartoonist from New York to Hollywood, when Disney dreamed of his all but forgotten pet. Call it what you like – fate, serendipity, Tyche, Lady Luck – but while he dozed that night another world was born. Walt didn’t know it, but he was gestating a mouse realer than real. Mortimer was actually put on paper for the first time on the next day, somewhere between Toluca, Illinois and La Junta, Colorado. Disney at first drew him with ruffled hair like Charles Lindbergh’s – for his first cartoon, Plane Crazy, was to parody that great Viking flier, who had just flown across the Atlantic, being about a mouse who built a plane in his own backyard. But the familiar red velvet pants with red buttons, the black dots for eyes, the pear-shaped body, pencil limbs, big yellow clodhoppers, and three-fingered hands in white gloves were already all present. So was a tail, which the rarest of rodents lost to the eraser in the future. Walt doodled and drew all day. Suddenly, in the midst of his sketching that evening, he shouted to his wife Lillian, “I’ve got him – Mortimer Mouse!”

    “Mortimer is a horrible name for a mouse,” Lilly said with the certainty only artist’s wives and film critics can affect.

    “How about Mickey then?” Walt replied. “Mickey Mouse has a good friendly sound.”

    Lilly agreed, suggesting “Minnie Mouse” as a helpmate for Mickey in the process, and the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mouse was born. Prenom Mickey now, patronym still Mouse. It was both a second life, a reincarnation for Mortimer probably long in his grave and a new birth for Disney, who even became the Mouse’s squeaky voice when sound films were made by Mickey. “I fathered him when he was called Mortimer Mouse,” the artist once told reporters, “and he was my first born and the means by which I ultimately achieved all the other things I ever did – from Snow White to Disneyland.” 

Starting our mickey mouse journal

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Mickey Mouse
Animated Character

Born: 18 November 1928
Birthplace: The Movies
Best known as:

Walt Disney's famous mouse

Mickey Mouse debuted in the 1928 animated short Steamboat Willie and went on to become the familiar symbol of Walt Disney studios. A cheerful rodent in white gloves and red shorts, Mickey starred in dozens of Disney shorts and the 1940 animated feature Fantasia, becoming one of the world's best-known cartoon characters. After 1950 Mickey appeared only rarely in films and instead settled into a role as Disney's ambassador in its advertisements and theme parks, with Mickey's mouse ears becoming the company symbol. Disney's daily TV show The Mickey Mouse Club was first broadcast in 1955 (the same year that Disneyland opened its doors) and became a long-running hit. Its familiar theme song included the spelled-out lyric, "Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E."
Extra credit:

The Walt Disney Company gives Mickey's exact birth date as 18 November 1928. That was the release date of Steamboat Willie... According to legend, Disney planned to name the mouse "Mortimer" until his wife suggested the name of Mickey... Mickey's longtime girlfriend is Minnie Mouse and his dog is named Pluto... The Mickey Mouse Club was revived in 1977 and again in the 1990s, when its cast members (or "Mouseketeers") included future music stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. The original show launched the career of Annette Funicello... Mickey's modern-day cousins at Disney include The Little Mermaid and Jessica Rabbit.

Read more: Mickey Mouse Biography (Animated Character) — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/biography/var/mickeymouse.html#ixzz29WF6k1tR

Let Go !!!

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Let Go !!!

Have A Fun :)

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let go ! Have a Fun !

My beautiful girlfriend

Shall we talk ?

Can I hear ?

Let do it...

Mickey mouse look always happy

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Mickey mouse look always happy